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    Canguros en Barcelona con chino
    Canguros en Barcelona con chino


    Chinese Mandarin, English and Spanish. Learn languages with your babysitter in Barcelona


    Chinese Mandarin, English and Spanish. Learn languages with your babysitter in Barcelona

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    We teach Chinese Mandarin with professionals

    ¿Are you looking for a Chinese Mandarin speaking Nanny?

    In Nanny Mandarin we collaborate with babysitters, domestic helpers and native Mandarin, English and Spanish professors. Learning Spanish, speaking English or understanding Chinese mandarin is now easy!

    We offer the possibility for your little ones to learn a new language with qualified babysitters who can be part of their daily life, adding a language naturally and gradually.

    ¿Do you want your children to learn without struggle?

    Children should understand that learning English can be essential for their future

    but oftentimes, it is difficult for them to find motivation to study in traditional classes and academies. For a child, this suggests extra study hours outside of  his house. For this reason, at Nanny Mandarin we believe it is important to perform this learning without additional pressure, and inside their homes. This way, it may not be considered homework, but rather as part of their daily lives.

    Introducing a new language during childhood is highly recommended. At early stages in a child’s life,  the  learning curve is greater and more retentive. Children today spend much of their time within school and educational environment. In many cases, adding more hours of class to learn another language can be too demanding and exhausting

    Your children deserve the best care and the best future

    At Nanny Mandarin we are committed to teach  them a new language with people who spend most of their time with them in their home environment.

    ¿Why choose Nanny Mandarin?

    We are pioneers of Chinese speaking nannies in Barcelona. We have the endorsement of hundreds of clients and years of experience that makes us experts in selecting the best English, Chinese Mandarin and Spanish professionals in Barcelona,and the rest of Spain. At Nanny Mandarin we study each case with dedication, providing what the family best deserves. Your needs and objective are our mission.

    Customized Services

    We offer
    Native Staff

    Continuous Monitoring

    Experts in Chinese Mandarin

    ¿How do we work at Nanny Mandarin?

    Teaching Chinese Mandarin, Spanish and English is our greatest commitment. We select professionals that best respond to the needs of each child and family. It is vitalfor us to know our clients in depth, such as individual needs, habits, rhythms and objectives.

    Meeting each family thoroughly, helps us dedicate ourselves in selecting the professionals who best meet these requirements and above all who are compatible with each family’s lifestyle.

    For a language to be introduced naturally it is essential that the professional flows easily within the dynamics of the child’s life.


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