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Are you looking for a Nanny in Barcelona?


Babysitters in Barcelona in Chinese Mandarin, Spanish and English.

Finding a babysitter in Barcelona that is perfect for each family is key to the well-being of a child. Therefore, our babysitters and playmates are professional native women who have experience in teaching Chinese Mandarin or English to children through games, songs, and day-to-day activities. They are all fun and creative women who really enjoy playing and sharing with the children.

This learning model is especially recommended for babies and children under 8 years old.

Nanny Mandarin’s services include:

  1. The search and selection of candidates and checking for valid referrals.
  2. Training on childcare and developing activities for your children to learn the language: games, songs, handicrafts, etc.
  3. Exchange guaranteed within 6 months

We also have native teachers and domestic helpers in Chinese Mandarin, Spanish and English.

What are you waiting for?

At NannyMandarin we want to hear your case and be able to provide you with the best babysitting service needed.

Finding the solution your family is looking for will only take a few minutes. Call us, send us an email or complete the form.

We look forward to finding the professional who will best meet your requirements.


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