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It all began with a life experience in Shanghai


Learning Chinese Mandarin opens doors

Chinese culture and learning Chinese Mandarin had always caught my attention, specifically for being such a different environment from the west. For that same reason, at the age of 22 I decided to leave Europe and live in Shanghai for 6 years.

China taught me a lot.. I discovered how to interact with people from other countries and cultures. I’ve exceeded to the extreme in adapting to thousands of situations I found myself in and had to face. I’ve challenged and managed to win over my shyness and see the world from another point of view.

With a very rich cultural background I returned to Europe very satisfied with my experience, but still wanting to learn more. This is how I ended up in Spain, when everyone would advise me to go somewhere else due to the crisis at the time, I believed in it and found another chapter of my life.

I’ve always been interested in languages and acknowledging how much it costed me to learn Chinese Mandarin during my adulthood, I believe giving the opportunity to discover new languages at an early ageis the best gift that we can give to our children.

At present, I live in Barcelona dedicated to my family and to my company as a CEO of Nanny Mandarin. I’m focused in the growth of the company, trying to reach as many families as possible, so they can have the possibility to experience this service and the opportunity to enrich their children’s education.

I continued to work in the textile sector until I got pregnant and started to look for a long-term goal—on how I could find the best way of complementing the job to coexist with family life. An actual and current problem we all face due to social structures in our community.

I started to think that I would enjoy having my children learn Chinese Mandarin and have them access my Chinese legacy. That’s how I began to look for nannies with Chinese, and this is where the idea of Nanny Mandarin was born: An agency specialized in the early learning of Mandarin. In a second moment and given the strong need followed by the many requests, I decided to also incorporate the service with English and Spanish.

Mission & Values

At Nanny Mandarin our mission is to strive in providing the most reliable babysitting service in Barcelona.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is our main commitment and priority. We offer the best rates and a convenient warranty period.

Our main values are honesty, responsibility, transparency and empathy in dealing with our clients.

We believe that offering the best service requires us to have open and honest conversations with the clients to fully understand the needs of each family nucleus.


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