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Niños y jóvenes aprenderán
chino mandarín e inglés
sin esfuerzos

Are you looking for a housemaid?


Domestic workers in Chinese Mandarin, English and Spanish

Our housekeepers are selected so that in addition to helping you with household chores, they will play and teach children Chinese Mandarin, Spanish and / or English, introducing it effortlessly into their daily life.

Above all, it is vital to find the candidate that best fits in the day to day of the family to which the service will be provided.

We have full-time or part-time domestic or internal employees.

We spend time knowing in depth what the rhythm of life of the family requesting the service is like: their schedules, habits, values, objectives and family dynamics.

To do this, we ask a series of questions to the client in order to have the best possible idea of ​​what that family is like in their daily life.

For greater peace of mind, we provide a guarantee to change within six months if the client considers that the candidate does not meet his expectations.

How is our selection process?

nanny mandarinWe seek

The best housekeeper for you depending on your family’s needs para tí en función de tus necesidades y las de tu familia.

nanny mandarinWe interview

The domestic staff about carrying out housework and taking care of the little ones.

nanny mandarinWe present

The people that we think will best adapt to you and take care of your family.


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